10 things you didn't know about your vagina

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It’s remarkable how little we know about our bodies, especially when it comes to the yoni or vagina. Given how captivated we are with the female physique, it’s amazing how uninformed we are about the female genitalia.  We all still have much to learn.

To assist, I’ve listed the most interesting and essential facts about your most precious girly part. After all, you can’t truly love yourself completely until you love and appreciate your vagina… the creator of life and the portal of sexual pleasure.

  1. The average vajayjay measures approximately four inches deep, “No way, my guy’s willy is bigger than four inches long” I hear you say. Your vagina can enlarge by up to 150% when sexually stimulated. Wow, that’s big, but not surprising when you consider the vagina was designed to accommodate babies. 

  2. The word ‘vagina’ comes from the Latin word. Meaning a Scabbard, or a sheath for a sword. No wonder some women simply hate that word.


  3. Vaginal farts are a constant source of embarrassment for women, but don’t despair girls, all women experience ‘varts’ at one time or another, especially during sex. So don’t be self-conscious about it, it’s perfectly normal. 

  4. Pubic hair serves three functions. 1- it protects the delicate vaginal area. 2- it’s a pheromone covering and traps the scents that point prospective mates to the land of milk and honey. 3- it serves as an advertisement to all potential males that you are ready to procreate. So think before you book that Brazilian.


  5. Did you know, your vagina could fall out? It has been known to drop out, like a sock hanging as you age. This is called a pelvic prolapse. But don’t panic, this condition is quite rare and can be treated. Phew! 

  6. Vaginas and sharks are linked. No, I’m not talking about teeth. Your vagina contains squalene, an element that occurs in the livers of sharks and in vaginal lubricant. 

  7. The clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the penis. There are more than 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris, compared to the penis, which has 4000. All dedicated exclusively to female pleasure. 

  8. Pubic hair lives for around three weeks, but head hair lives up to six years. So if you don’t like to groom down there, don’t worry if you’re too busy to wax, you won’t end up with hair down to your ankles.


  9. It is estimated that only around 35% of women can orgasm from penetration alone. A great deal of sexual stimulation for women comes from the mind, but women who regularly orgasm during intercourse have managed to stimulate their hot spot, either from direct clitoris stimulation with their fingers or from positioning themselves or their partners correctly.


  10. Safe sex is good for you. Just having an orgasm alone is healthy. There are many benefits to having sex in any form, including lowering the chances of heart disease, reducing the probabilities of developing breast cancer, improving your immunity to disease, helping you to sleep, boosting your fitness, reducing stress levels, improving self-esteem and making you appear more youthful. So go for it, girlfriends!

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