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Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina and represents the goddess Shakti. In Tantra, this area is seen as the sacred space of a woman and the origin of life. Thus, it is treated with love and admiration. The purpose of yoni massage isn’t only to achieve a whole body orgasm, but also to experience a deepened state of sexual liberalism, bringing strong emotions to the fore, allowing the orgasm to be stronger and last longer. Some sex therapists sometimes use yoni massage as an aid for women to breakthrough and overcome sexual blocks.


We have taken the most beautiful, interesting, polite, charming and emotionally mature male and female therapists from around the world and trained them in the art of Tantric yoni massage. This service has long been available for many celebrities and VIP's living and visiting in London. Now you can indulge yourself in the ultimate opulent experience of being a member of this fashionably elite Club.


We cater to the very discerning, selective women who expect the best and embrace life with all its healthy distractions. For many years men have enjoyed the company of women, and have never been shy of paying for it. Now women are empowered with the confidence and grace to take control and do the same.


Working as a former print and runway model, I frequently came into contact with some of the most attractive men on the planet, but a woman's needs go far and beyond just the beauty of a man, that’s why we offer you the whole package. Our yoni massage therapists come from a mixture of backgrounds including personal trainers, models and physiotherapists. All are CRB checked and trained to ITEC standards with full insurance. They then undertake additional training in Tantric Yoni massage with us. This ensures all our staff offer the same high quality of treatment.

We pride ourselves in our rigorous screening process, turning down up to 90% of our male applicants during a recruitment drive. We constantly strive to keep our standards as high as possible.


The cost of having a vagina

Pursuing sexual happiness

Body language & how to use it

Dirty sexy things

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Let us give your day a happy ending!

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Outcall service and Hen Nights available in London within the M25

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