Are smartphones causing a sexual crisis? 

There is little doubt that smart phones play a massive part in our lives these days.  From checking email, browsing Facebook, finding your way around, browsing the Internet and heaven forbid, even talking to people, they are ubiquitous in modern life.  But are they having a negative effect, particularly on the sexual well being of women or are they in fact leading to an explosion of massage for women in London?


Let me explain, as with any technology, many of the developments will be driven by vendors wanting to get their products and services in front of you, and with some of the biggest vendors on the internet being the peddlers of pornography, this has led to most women walking around with a library of porn in their pocket.  Increasing, due to the success of books like 50 Shades of Grey, porn producers are targeting women as a market, and what that leads to is a perfect vision of how sex is, with beautiful men sending their women into shuddering orgasms with no hint of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.


Meanwhile back in the real world... What this has done, apart from the view that women get from this pornography, that real sex is never fulfilling like that we see on our smartphones, has given women the confidence to go out and seek their own pleasure.  So now we have an explosion of massage for women in London, where enlightened ladies, seeking the orgasms they see in the movies to go out and seek yoni massage for women London wide.  All of what could have been so negative, with this view that they would never have sex like they see on screen, has led to more women going out and obtaining their own pleasure through sexual massage for women.


Women have not traditionally been big porn consumers, but as more and more of the mainstream becomes concerned with sex, starting off with series like Sex and the City, and culminating in the up and coming 50 Shades film, porn for women is now more accessible, more available and more acceptable.  And thus the seeking of sexual satisfaction through sensual massage for women is becoming wide spread.


So maybe smartphones are not causing a crisis, maybe there is no crisis at all, maybe it is just time that women find it acceptable to go out and seek sexual fulfilment in whichever way, shape or form they like. 

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