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We regularly get swamped with e-mails from our fans about their deeply intimate concerns and anxieties they may have about anything, and I mean anything. Nothing is off limits. You can get as down and dirty as you wish. We will ask our resident clinical psychologist ‘Simon Sheller’ to answer any of your deeply intimate carnal questions.

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Dear Ask a Man, Why does my guy keep asking if he can do a ‘spit roast’ with me! What is it and does it hurt? (Justine)


Dear Justine, I’ve been asked this question countless times before. Many women mistakenly believe they should intuitively know all there is to know about sex, so they keep their trepidations a secret. The truth is, there are many women who have never heard the term ‘spit roast’ as a sexual euphemism.


The ‘spit roast’ position usually involves two males and a female. Also known as a ‘three card trick’. The woman kneels down on all fours. One of the males positions himself behind her penetrating her ‘doggie style’. While the other man positions him self in front of the woman and she gives him oral. Like a spit over a fire; hence the term ‘spit roast’. Both males can switch sides for variation.


This is quite a common fantasy for both men and women alike. To answer your question-Does it hurt?  No, this position is not usually painful, unless the man behind you is penetrating you anally, but let’s leave that hot potato for another time.


Sometimes men have fantasies about sharing their partners with other men. But they are just that- fantasies. A great deal of men get a lot of enjoyment thinking about introducing another man into the bedroom, particularly while he is having sex, but would never seriously turn it into a reality. Sometimes, just having his partner turn him down when he suggests a threesome, arouses him.


On the other hand, there are men that engage in this practice often and thoroughly enjoy seeing their partners being ravished by another man. The important factor in all this is you. How do feel about the idea of having two men inside you at the same time? If it’s something that interests you, talk it over with your man. Make sure you both consider every pitfall and complication. Do your research; read what other people have to say about having threesomes and how they may have dealt with the consequences, if any.


But if threesomes aren’t your thing and you would never consider or even imagine yourself enjoying it, tell your partner so. Don’t be bullied or pushed into anything you don’t feel comfortable with.


So there you have it. Now you know what it means to be ‘spit roasted’.

Whatever you decide to do, go out there and embrace your sexuality.


Whether you go for it or not, be strong, be bold, be the woman you are!


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