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We regularly get swamped with e-mails from our fans about their deeply intimate concerns and anxieties they may have about anything, and I mean anything. Nothing is off limits. You can get as down and dirty as you wish. We will ask our resident clinical psychologist ‘Simon Sheller’ to answer any of your deeply intimate carnal questions.

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Dear Ask a Man, Should I let my wife have a yoni massage? 

My wife and I have a very good and healthy sexual relationship. We are very open minded and honest about our sexual desires and fantasies. 
We have recently been thinking about introducing a new element to our bedroom antics. She has expressed a desire to hire a male masseur to give her a yoni massage. 
I don't mind her having this type of massage, and I will be present at the session. To be honest, the thought of another many touching my wife in this way, is a real turn on. 
My question to you is: Should I let my wife have a yoni massage? 
She has visited your website on many occasions and it seems like a very reputable and safe establishment. I've spoken to the operators, and they assure me, we can stop at any time, if the massage becomes too sensual for our liking. 
I guess, I just want advice on whether I should go ahead with it. Will I regret it? She is very anxious to go ahead. 
Many thanks for your help in advance,


Dear friend, 

Unfortunately I think my answer here will be very brief, as it seems that you and your wife have a very trusting relationship! Not that that is a bad thing of course!


The important thing here, as stated before is that you and your wife can talk to each other. This is very valuable in a relationship to understand each others needs. I personally think you should go for it - you've already discussed what will happen if you become uncomfortable. However, I would ask if your wife is worried, you won't enjoy it or if she won't. Ensure to cover all grounds, so that both parties will have a good time!


If you decide to go through with it, perhaps ask the masseuse if he can provide some tips and tricks to take home for you and your wife to reenact when you get home, if she does enjoy the experience!

Remember, sex and relationships are a constant learning curve. You'll be surprised the little things you can learn about your partner everyday, even if you don't notice. If neither of you enjoy it, at least you can put it down on the lists of "Never again!" 
If however you both do enjoy it, then you can take the experience and reuse it.


I hope this helps! 

Simon Sheller Psy.D.


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