Body language and how to use it

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Believe it or not, we’re all experts in giving out signals as to how we’re feeling. But occasionally, we’re also very good at hiding them too. The trick is to be in complete control of your flirtatious moves. 

Let’s face it, most men are fairly dumb creatures but they’re not all knuckleheads when it comes to deciphering a woman’s    

body language. Most reasonably perceptive men, will read your body movements like a book. You need to know how to lure him into your snare, or throw him to the wolves. How you use your body will help you accomplish both. You can seduce a man without taking your clothes off, or even touching him. Here’s what you’ll need to know:


  • Slowly crossing or uncrossing your legs – When you feel you're being watched by an interested man, slowly crossing and uncrossing your legs can be very seductive and send a strong signal to him, especially if you’re lightly stroking your thigh at the same time.


  • The sideways glance – This is good way to show a man you’re interested. Look at him through slightly closed eyelids, then just as he looks at you, hold his gaze for a second, then look away.


  • Toss your hair back – Whether you have long or short hair, toss it back, move it to the side or over your shoulder. This indicates preening and exposes your gorgeous face for him to admire.


  • Lick your lips – Keep your lips moist. Whether you use cosmetics to redden or moisten the lips, slightly pouting the mouth. This can be a real turn-on for a man. Unconsciously, your moist red lips, imitate a sexually aroused vagina.


  • Playing with an object – Rolling a cylindrical object between your fingers like a pen, or sliding your fingers up and down the stem of a wine glass, can be very seductive. Subconsciously demonstrating your desires.


  • Massage your neck – Raising your arm up to massage the neck with your elbow up high, exposes your armpit, which can be very erotic to a man. 


  • Exposing your shoulder – An exposed shoulder from a partially dropped blouse can be very erotic. The shoulder is said to resemble a breast, that’s why men turn to jelly when it’s slightly exposed, especially if the bra strap drops too.


  • Dangling your shoe – When you cross your legs and dangle your shoe on the end of your toes, you send very strong courtship signals to a man. The small thrusting movement of your toes dangling the shoe is pure phallic mimicry.


  • Rolling your hips – Accentuating the roll in your hips as you walk past a man, can be a real come-on.


  • Eyes – When we like something, our pupils dilate. This is of course an involuntary action but we can use it to our advantage. If you really like someone, it will show in your eyes, so remember to look at your chosen mate, let him see your big beautiful eyes.


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