Can Orgasms Extend Your Life?

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If the notion of extending life by having heaps of great sex sets your mind on fire, you’re going to love this article. With over 20 years of experience as a leading female sexual health practitioner, Dr. Petrova Mukhranskii shares her medical research findings on orgasms and related sexual health benefits.


OK ladies raise your hands if you love orgasms.  Now that I have your attention I’d like to give you an even better reason to love orgasms besides the fact that they feel incredible; orgasms can actually extend your life.


If that statement makes you giggle please know that I am being completely serious.  Several studies over the last few years have proven the fact that women who have 2 or more orgasms every week could live longer, healthier lives. There are several reasons for this incredibly good news so keep reading and let’s take a look at how cumming will keep you going.


First off some numbers.  One study reported that having an orgasm a day, give or take a couple dozen, could increase the length of your life by nearly 4 years and having 700 a year (roughly 2 a day) could double that number to 8 years. Of course this is barring any unforeseen circumstance (like dying or complete happiness and bliss) but still the numbers are astounding.


One of the most interesting lifespan increasing benefits for women when it comes to orgasms is that they greatly increase oxygen flow to the brain.  More than any other major organ the brain needs oxygen to function and to create new brain cells on a regular basis.  The more orgasms you have the more oxygen the brain gets and the healthier your overall body will be because your brain will be healthier.


Another study found that an orgasm creates a serotonin effect that is similar to valium in that it greatly reduces stress and has an immediate relaxing effect on the body.  This same study also showed that orgasms helped stimulate and strengthen a woman’s immune system and increased T-cells (which fight cancer and other diseases) by almost 20%. Not only that, the risk of heart disease was reduced by over 30% if a woman had at least 2 orgasms a week.


Finally it was found that the hormone oxytocin, a precursor to pain alleviating endorphins, surge to more than 5X the norm just before a woman reaches orgasm.  This endorphin release reduces pain due to a multitude of problems like headaches, migraines and even arthritis. Orgasms also cause the increased production of estrogen and help reduce PMS pain.


One final note; it doesn’t matter how a woman achieves orgasm, just that she does and does often.  So if you’re single or a lesbian you can still get the benefits that a good orgasm will give without a single penis being involved in the festivities.  Indeed it seems that when it comes to orgasms, you can never have too much of a good thing.


Dr. P. Mukhranskii.

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