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Engaging in fantastic, pleasurable sex with a partner is a wonderful experience for most women, and that point of climax toward the end can feel like icing on the cake.  While many women enjoy having sex, there are plenty who have consistently struggled to reach that point of climax.  Some may feel they’re standing alone in regards to this deeply personal issue, but over 10% of women have never reached an orgasm in their lives, even with masturbation; and this 

doesn’t include all the women who’re still having difficulty climaxing, even if they’ve made it there a few times. 


Therefore, this isn’t an issue that women should ever feel ashamed or embarrassed about, and it’s beneficial to be open and honest with a partner and not be afraid to seek further guidance.  Often, it’s difficult for women to climax during sexual activity because of an imbalance of relaxation and tension. The idea of being both relaxed and tense is a naturally confusing concept at first, but as women gradually learn how to achieve this harmonious state, they’ll eventually find their orgasm issues a thing of the past.

For women who naturally struggle with the ease of climaxing, there are definitely ways for them to train their body to respond.  When doctors and therapists talk about the “tension” required for orgasms, they’re referring to a type of muscle tension, also known by its scientific name, myotonia.  In order to reach those mind-blowing orgasms people talk about, women will often increase tension in their buttocks region, legs and abdomen area.  By contracting certain muscles during sexual activity, more blood flow is actually circulated to the genitals, which then makes for an easier climax.

The other side of this balance equation is relaxation; however, relaxation during sex should never be confused with just lying down.  In this sense, relaxation is about calming down before sex and allowing the brain to stay focused on the pleasurable sensations occurring during the act.  For women, the brain can be a powerful tool in either achieving that orgasm or not allowing the body to climax. Many women seem to be under the impression, there is something wrong or missing, with them. If you are anatomically normal, then the chances are, the problem lies in your head, not in your groin. The difference between being totally into the moment and being completely out of it, is miniscule. Should women allow negative or nervous thoughts to take over during sex, the chances of reaching an orgasm are slim. Give yourself completely, entirely and wholeheartedly to the moment, and your sexual world will open up, improving your health physically as well as psychologically.

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