Does breast massage and sex prevent cancer?

Written by bella_mia on September 05, 2013

For years now, research has been in progress to find out if gently rubbing breasts and sex can prevent breast cancer in women. Finally, recent reports conclude that, massage and sex can indeed prevent malignant breast cancer. This conclusion was recently published at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology. The institute is located in San Francisco.

Basically, breast and nipple stimulation has two effects. The first is that such practices regularly release the hormone, prolactin. This hormone is basically an estrogen blocker. Estrogen has in the past, been linked to cancer development and initial formation of cancerous cells. Obviously, the more prolactin synthesized in the body, the lesser the risks.

The second reason is that regular massages release the hormone, Oxytocin. Oxytocin is basically a “feel good” hormone that enhances general well being. It is a proven fact that oxytocin release is good for a woman’s health as it increases her immunity against other pathogens and disease spreading germs.

The last important reason why breast massage and sex can prevent breast cancer is because it improves the lymph flow effect. Lymph cells are again responsible for fighting infection. Wearing tight bras can block smooth flow. This restriction is overcome with a good massage.

Sex has proven to prevent cancer as it generally improves your mood and motivates a person’s general well being. So, a little squeeze while having sex can indeed prevent malignant cells from growing further. The physical pressure applied helps the cell to grow at its normal rate.

It’s simple science. The force of gravity, we experience, is essential to keeping our bones strong. In the same way, physical pressure plays a role in the recursion of cancerous cells.

The best way to get a massage is with the help of a professional masseuse. They know the anatomy of a female breast and the pressure points. There are many massage parlors that offer premium massage services.  The most famous form is the Tantric massage service.

Tantric massage service is where softer and gentler touch is used to caress the breasts. These sessions are highly beneficial. London has many parlors where Tantric massage service is serviced.

Outcall massage in London is another popular option. This is convenient, as the masseuse will come to your home or hotel. Outcall massage in London is a good option for those who have very little free time.

Happy ending massage London is also another option whereby you can get pleasure, unity with your mind, body and soul and it will help remove your daily stress. Happy ending massage London will bring vitality, sexual expansion and help achieve unity with true intention.

So, there you have it. With proven research at hand, don’t hesitate to take full advantage of this potentially life saving recreational pastime.


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