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Work it Girl!

Written by bettyblue2 on April 15, 2012


Jenny couldn’t believe what she was looking at. It was there, in full glorious colour on her phone. A picture of a pretty large cock and this was not just somebodies knob but her bosses.


She sat down in her chair and looked at the picture again. This was sexual harassment and she didn’t know what to do about it. She picked up her office phone and started to dial the HR department to make a complaint but immediately put the phone down just as it had started to ring at the other end. “Oh shit!”


Right above the text from her boss in the conversation window was a picture of Jenny that was taken by an old boyfriend. She was lounging on her bed in the afterglow of a great fuck but still in the underwear that he liked. He was typical of most men in that regards, you know the stuff. Stockings and suspenders (all men seemed to like that) but little else and with her neatly trimmed pussy on show she stared wantonly into the camera.


How had she sent this to him? Why had she sent this to him? It was dated several days ago, at the weekend. It suddenly dawned on her what had happened. She was blasted on Saturday night after being out with her girlfriends and due to the amount of wine consumed, was feeling horny when she got back to her flat. Wine always did that to her. She was currently single and her drunken state had made her think of her old boyfriend and in need of something more than wanking with her vibrator, had sent him this picture to try and entice him over. Sure, her purple toy did the job and made her cum but nothing really replaced the feeling of a nice warm cock inside her. Her ex was called Pete and so was her boss. She had obviously picked the wrong one.


“Fuck fuck fuck” she thought to herself.


She wondered why, as it was now Tuesday, he had only just replied. Perhaps he was wondering why one of his staff was sending him dirty pictures. With a sigh she sent a reply to him saying she was sorry and that she had sent the picture to him by mistake and while his cock looked great she really thought that getting involved with your boss was a bad idea.


30 seconds later her office phone rang which made her jump, almost dropping it. It was her boss.


“Come to my office please Jenny”


Today was turning into a really bad day she thought. “I’m on my way” she said “Do I need to bring anything with me?”


“No, just yourself” replied Pete


With a degree of trepidation, Jenny stood, smoothed her skirt and walked towards the lift. Fidgeting as she stood and waited for the lift to arrive, she was pleased to see it was empty. She got in, pressed 10 and stood and watched the doors close. A quick glance in the mirror she adjusted her attire so that if she was going to get disciplined, even though a picture had been sent back the men all stuck together and it was always the girl in this type of instance who was quietly removed, then at least she would look smart. Nervously and with a deep sigh she knocked on his door and went in without waiting.


Peter Mansell had made his way up the corporate ladder very quickly after leaving university, no doubt with some help from the ‘old boy network’ and even though he was in charge of a multibillion turnover company was only mid-thirties. He was a handsome man, at least Jenny had always thought so, but in this business women were seen as things to be used and thrown away afterwards and she had deliberately avoided entanglements with anyone she worked with.


He seemed to be as nervous as she was. It turned out that he was worried about having sent the picture to her and he wanted to clear the air. Jenny could see he was feeling uncomfortable which made her feel a little less awkward.


“I was in two minds on what to do” he finally confessed “but I have always found you attractive and thought, sod it, I’ll take a picture and send one back. I’ve nothing to lose!”


Jenny grinned and explained that she meant to send it to a different Pete but was tipsy when she did so and had obviously just pressed the wrong person on her phone and that she was sorry.


“Don’t be. I sent back what it did to me” He said looking sheepish.


“Well I like the look of your cock” she heard her voice say almost involuntarily “and if you want to, I’d like to see some more”


With a stroke of her hand, Jenny pulled her wrap around skirt slightly apart trying to appear seductive. She was more of a geezer bird than a lady and seduction wasn’t something which came easily to her but even so, she wore stockings most days and had a wide variety of lingerie. Her job in the city meant she always had to be in a suit and she liked the thought of wearing sexy lingerie underneath a staid business suit. It made her feel sexy knowing that, in a mostly male dominated business where she was an exception, men wondered if she was “kitted” she thought the phrase was. She liked to tease them without appearing to. “Cock Tease” wasn’t a title she wanted to have but in this case, she wanted to show Pete.


Her stocking tops came into view and Pete couldn’t tear his eyes away from the vision that was in front of him. He stood up from his desk and walked towards the door, put his head out and asked his PA. that he should not to be disturbed under any circumstances, closed and locked the door.


He simply turned and undid his flies to let his cock out. Jenny could feel that she was starting to get damp and with a flick of her hand allowed her skirt to fall to the floor. She stood before him still wearing her jacket and blouse but with her lingerie on show for him to see as she walked towards him and dropped to her knees. Nothing was said as she ran her tongue up and down Pete’s growing hard-on. Sucking the end gently each time her tongue reached the head. Planting little kisses up and down his cock was making his breathing become heavier which was turning her on more. One hand went to her pussy which she started to rub gently, sliding her fingers up and down her lips which made her shudder and moan quietly.


Standing she held Pete’s cock and pulled him towards his desk with it. Perching on the edge she pulled her panties to one side and grabbing his head said “lick my cunt you bastard”. Pete got to his knees and flicked his tongue over her pussy tasting her juices. He began to kiss the top of her thighs. Planting little butterfly kisses over them, slowly making his way over the front of her pussy but stopping only long enough for a quick kiss before continuing  over to the opposite thigh. Pete was gently kissing and nibbling everywhere except her pussy and this was driving Jenny wild. She was starting to push her pussy towards Pete’s face and he relented and pushed his tongue between her lips. His tongue twirled around her clit, making little flicks before rasping his flattened tongue down it but always trying to keep the same rhythm.


Pete was loving the taste of her pussy he had always liked to lick pussy because of the power that it gave him over a woman when done correctly. He had an old girlfriend who taught him everything he knew. She was a great teacher and all of his recent girlfriends had most certainly enjoyed it.


Pete slid a finger into Jenny as he sucked hard on her clit which made Jenny cum with a stifled moan but he didn’t stop. He pushed another finger into her and started to slowly rotate them as he pushed them inside her, timing a flick on her clit with each push. Jenny had never felt pleasure like this before and with a screech started to cum again while trying to hold her hand over her mouth so she didn’t make too much noise and the other to try and support her as her legs were weak and wobbly.


“Wow” was about all Jenny could manage.


Pete grinned at her “Glad you liked it”


“I think it’s about time that you put that juicy looking prick into my cunt and fuck me, don’t you?” said Jenny, pushing stuff out of the way and lying back onto the desk. She had always wanted to be screwed on the bosses’ desk but it had always been a fantasy but now it was actually happening.


Pete dropped his trousers and began to rub his prick over Jenny’s wet pussy. Sliding it up and down her wet lips and sometimes, just dipping the end in. He was just teasing her but she couldn’t wait and wrapped her legs around him pulling him inside her. He allowed it to happen and once inside her just stood still enjoying the feeling. She was tight and her lips wrapped around him making him feel like he would shoot his load at any moment but with some concentration he started to slowly move back and forth inside her. Slowly pushing against her each time he was fully inside, grinding his pelvis against her clit before slowly pulling out again until his prick almost fell out. Sometimes pushing hard and fast, sometimes pushing slowly but always varying the tempo so that Jenny would get the most out of it.


He could feel that familiar sensation in his balls that told him he was about to come and Jenny could feel it too as his cock throbbed in her.


“Cum in me. I want to feel your cum in my cunt” Jenny growled and with a push Pete began to shoot his load into her pussy which sent Jenny over the edge once more and no matter what she did to keep the noise down, she simply couldn’t keep quiet.


For the first time, they kissed. It was a tender kiss between two lovers who had been together for a long time and it surprised them both. It felt so natural.


“I suppose we had better get dressed” he said with a chuckle picking up his trousers and tucking in his shirt. They were both still almost fully clothed. The silence was deafening as neither of them spoke. It was actually quite difficult and despite the tenderness that had just been between them they began to feel awkward.


Pete broke the silence “I would like this to happen again, even become permanent”


Jenny looked at him, trying to decide if he was being serious or not and with a smile said “yes, me too”.


They both jumped as a knock on the door broke the silence and a rather flustered Pete opened the door to see his rather flustered PA looking back at them. She just held her fingers under Pete’s nose and walked back behind her desk. He could smell her pussy on them. She had obviously heard and been playing with herself under her desk while he was fucking Jenny.


She would join them in the future, but that’s for another time.


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