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Salon Liaisons

Written by b2byoni on May 05, 2012


Sandra arrived for her appointment as normal. Once a month she attended the salon to have her bikini line waxed and it was that time again. She was due to fly off to Sri Lanka in the next few days and so wanted something a little extra this time.


“Hi Sandra” It was Liz, her beauty specialist who always performed the waxing. “I’m ready for you”


Liz was a stunningly attractive girl with big tits which seemed to bounce slowly as she moved. Sandra had often fantasised about her and although she had never been with a girl she would have tried it with Liz. Little did she know that today was going to be the day.


Sandra stared at Liz’s arse as she walked in front of her to take her into the room and wondered what it was like in the flesh.


“So you get yourself ready and I’ll be back in a moment” Liz said as she walked out the door.


Sandra took her skirt off and removed her thong which she dropped onto the chair in the room and lay down with her pussy exposed to anyone who would walk in. She was a bit of an exhibitionist on the quiet and the thought of someone else walking in excited her. Her pussy was well trimmed. It was in a wide stripe but short through trimming which Liz also did for her at the same time as the wax. Sandra found the whole thing quite erotic and often went into the ladies loo afterwards to have a wank and wished that it was Liz who was rubbing her pussy.


“Are you ready?” the voice behind the door enquired


“Yup, ready when you are” replied Sandra


“Right, let’s get started then. Sorry about the wait. We are closing early tonight and you are the last person so I was just locking up and making sure everyone had gone home”


“That’s no problem” Sandra said


“So let’s get waxing shall we” Liz said gently rubbing Sandra’s pussy. She seemed to be paying it more attention than normal and actually brushed against her clit making her jump but doing it in such a way that it could easily be seen as accidental but Sandra wasn’t so sure.


Liz got the wax strips ready and began to wax the bikini line. Two quick pulls and it was done.


“As you are going on holiday, would you like me to do the sides too? No extra charges as you are a regular customer”


“Sure, why not”


Liz got another strip ready and using one hand to hold the skin back rubbed the strip down the side of Sandra’s bush and pulled it sharply away. Normally she would put her hand where the strip had just been pulled from but this time she completely covered Sandra’s pussy and rubbed it and without even thinking about it, Sandra responded by pushing up against Liz’s hand. Liz didn’t seem to be worried and Sandra thought she caught the slight upturn of a smile on her face.


“It’s a little hot in here isn’t it” Liz said and began to remove her clean white overcoat to reveal that underneath was just a small pair of see through panties and a sexy matching bra.


Sandra smiled and licked her lips, taking in the gorgeous woman who was standing before her and allowing her mind to really contemplate that today was the day she had fantasised about for some time. In the flesh her tits were absolutely huge and Sandra was looking forwards to getting at them.


Liz moved up the bed and stood beside Sandra’s head and bent down and kissed her tenderly on the lips. A little peck which became a full blown French kiss as their tongues fought an urgent battle in the mouth.


Sandra felt fingers on her pussy once more and spread her legs slightly to allow Liz better access which she took and began to gently run her fingers up and down her lips which were now beginning to puff up as the blood rushed to them. Her fingers felt odd though and she realised that Liz was still wearing the latex plastic gloves that she used when performing the treatments. She liked the smooth feeling as the fingers danced all over her pussy and brushed against her clit from time to time making her shudder with pleasure.


“I have wanted to do this ever since I met you” Liz gasped pushing a finger into Sandra’s cunt and rubbing her clit in little circles with the latex encased thumb.


“You don’t know how often I had left here and gone straight into the toilets to play with myself imagining this happening” said Sandra “I want to fuck the arse off you”


Sandra was completely naked from the waist down but was still fully clothed and she started to remove her blouse and bra so that her tits could be free to the touch of Liz’s expert fingers. Her nipples strained to grow even more erect as she felt a mouth wrap around each one slowly followed by a gentle blowing on them. The change of temperature on her nipples from warm to cold made them throb with pleasure. Liz continued to do this for a few moments before standing up announcing that she was feeling a bit left out.


Sandra grinned and stood up and held Liz tight as they tenderly kissed each other. She could feel those massive tits crushed against her chest and her legs were getting weak at the thought of what was to come.


Pushing her back onto the bench Sandra began to take charge. She began to plant small gentle kisses from the neck down across her shoulders and with a flick of her wrist undid the bra which was separating her mouth from those nipples. Liz had huge nipples that matched her tits perfectly and Sandra nibbled on the end of them as she alternated a flick of her tongue with a bite for just a few moments before moving away planting more kisses as she went, teasing her nipples by kissing all around her tits and around the nipple without actually touching it.  Pushing Liz into a flat position she began to rub her panties, which were really quite wet, and feeling her completely shaved pussy underneath them got Sandra really quite excited. Sandra pulled them down to reveal a completely smooth pussy with a clit which was standing to attention almost willing for a tongue to touch it. She rubbed it quickly and then sucked her fingers enjoying the taste of another woman.


“Please lick my cunt” Liz gasped “I want you so much”


Who was she to deny that pleasure and immediately ran her tongue over the very erect bud which was now presenting itself to her. Sandra knew what her own pussy tasted like and was pleasantly surprised that Liz tasted very sweet too. She allowed her tongue to slowly make its way from the clit right down to her hole into which she pushed her tongue making Liz push back and moan loudly. Using her tongue to slowly lick back up her lips towards her clit, she replaced her tongue with a finger which she slowly pushed into her pussy so that she could coordinate the licking with the pushing. Sandra liked that herself so knew that Liz would be the same. That was the advantage of having someone of the same sex. You knew instinctively what they would like.


Liz was groaning and pushing her pussy against Sandra’s face and with a gasp announced in a loud voice “I’m cumming, I’m cumming don’t stop!”


Sandra could taste her juices as she squirted into her mouth which she swallowed enjoying the taste as she slowly slowed down her licking and fingering so that she could come back down gently.


“Holy shit I have never cum like that. I’ve never squirted before”


“Pleased to be of service but I think it’s my turn now don’t you?”


“Your pleasure is mine to give” Said Liz “So lie down on the bed”


Sandra lay down and got comfortable as Liz removed her latex gloves.


“I like the feeling, please keep one on for me”


“Sure. I like it too”


She felt a warm hand on her nipples and as Liz kissed her Sandra felt for the pussy which had until moments ago been on her face and began to gently caress it, enjoying its complete wetness.


Sandra felt a latex finger on her pussy and enjoyed the smooth sensation of the latex as it manipulated her clit once more sending her away into pleasureville. A latex finger slipped inside her sending new sensations which she had never experienced into Sandra’s brain. Liz finger fucked her for a few minutes, all the while her mouth worked on the nipples and Sandra continued to gently caress her pussy.


“I have an idea” Liz said and climbed on top of Sandra in the 69 position. The pleasure was immediate as they both felt a tongue on their most intimate parts. Sandra was really beginning to get into this girl on girl thing and used her tongue with some relish on Liz’s pussy.


Liz concentrated her licking on Sandra’s clit which was sending her over the edge and she began to grind her cunt against Liz’s face. The feeling of the tongue which was now licking her entire pussy was sending waves of pleasure up her whole body and she could tell from the familiar feeling in her tummy that she was soon going to cum and having tasted Liz before, could tell she was close to cumming too.


With a shudder Sandra started to cum which seemed to send Liz over the edge too and they both moaned and ground against each other as they came in each other’s mouths.


“That was fantastic” Sandra said as Liz turned around so that they could lie together in the afterglow of some amazing sex. “I have never been with a woman before and I’m glad you were the first”


“I have never felt so amazingly turned on as you made me. It was my first time too”


“So perhaps we could do it again? Can you get the time off work and come on holiday with me? I was going on my own in any case”


“It’s my business” Replied Liz “I do what I like”


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