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Written by lietome on May 19, 2012


This was by no means the strangest request that she had ever had but it wasn’t very often that she needed to dress up as a nun and she was having a problem finding her costume. “Shit. That means I’ll have to buy another one” she said out loud to herself.


3 years ago, Sarah had finished her education and was looking forward to moving out into the real world and getting a job. The small village that she lived in meant that everyone knew everyone and the job opportunities were slim. She hated it. She had designs on a career for herself in the city and so she had moved out from home to help her achieve her goals. Things hadn’t gone as she would have planned. Her parents though that she was the MD’s personal assistant in a firm of accountants when in fact she was a very well paid call girl. It wasn’t really what Sarah had pictured doing but she actually loved her job.


Her loft apartment in an up and coming area was a testament to her abilities. She had a large and loyal client base and was making a really good living from it, enough to think about retirement in a few years so she could go travelling. Her closet was stuffed with not only her various “man loving” outfits but a huge selection of designer outfits, shoes, handbags and all the trappings that a well-heeled lady was wearing this season.


She found it. It was tucked at the back behind the cowboy outfit which she had worn to a recent party for a film star at his hotel room. She smiled to herself as its touch brought back some good memories of what turned out to be a fun night. He had given her his number at the end of the evening and told her “to call him” if she was in the area.


Stuffing it into her bag along with her stockings and suspenders, black of course, her silky black all in one and a killer pair of high heels to complete the ensemble she rushed out the door heading to the hotel. Running late, she decided that she would change in the toilets when she got there. Not the best start but it would do.


The hotel was not somewhere she had been before. It was a huge imposing building with doormen, who tapped their hat as she passed and opened the door for her. Looking about the grand lobby she spotted the sign for the toilets and headed towards them. The marble inside them spoke volumes about the style and panache that this hotel offered its guests but Sarah didn’t have time to admire its decoration and hurried into a cubicle. With a final flourish she completed her outfit and the head dress hid her hair which was not , as she would have assumed a nuns would be, in a bun but just lay casually over her shoulders.


Sarah spotted him as she was walking towards the lift. Mr Flowers. He was her RE teacher while she was at school and she had the most enormous crush on him and had lay in bed many nights, flicking herself off while she imagined that it was his tongue on her young pussy. Her mind whirled into action and as he stopped to press the button to call the lift, she stood behind him and as the doors opened they both walked in.


He looked at her and his eyes lit up. “What floor?”


“What floor are you on Mr Flowers?” Sarah spoke in a way that she wanted to sound a bit seductive but not too over the top. She was going to enjoy this and for a change fulfil one of her own fantasies. ‘It’s about time’ she thought to herself.


He looked more closely at her and with a sudden flash of recognition “Sarah?”


“How long have you been a nun?”


“Your teaching inspired me to listen to my head and the calling which you instilled into me from teaching me”


“I’m really pleased for you but I’m starting to have doubts about my faith. I’m here to get away from everything and to try and get my head together to decide if it is something I want to continue with.”


“So let’s go to your room and perhaps I can do some teaching for you”


He smiled and pressed the 5th floor and they stood in silence as the lift began its journey. His room was a standard room but she couldn’t help but wonder how, on a teacher’s salary, he could afford it.


He sat on the bed and put his head in his hands with a big sigh. Sarah sat on one of the chairs and looked at him earnestly.


“So tell me about it Mr Flowers”


“Jim, please call me Jim, Sarah”. He went on “For some time now, I have felt my faith slipping away. I find that I am having difficulty talking to God or living my life by his teachings and I feel that I am lost”


Sarah looked sympathetically at him but her mind was thinking all sorts of dirty things. It was like she was back in her room at home except this time, she was old enough and more importantly, she was here and he was vulnerable. She was going to take advantage of that and have some fun. She stood up and walked towards the bed and sat down beside him putting her hand on his leg as she did so. Jim jumped and looked at her but she didn’t let his leg go.


Her hand began to rub his leg as she spoke.


“I used to lie in my bed at night and think of you and I’m prepared to do anything to make those fantasies a reality. I would see it as my duty as a nun to help you get your faith back to see if that is what you really want.”


“I’ve always wanted to know what a nun wears under the habit” Jim said quietly “and have fantasised about that myself so perhaps you can help me in more ways than one”


Sarah smiled and stood up. She pulled the head dress off so that her blonde hair fell about her shoulders and pulled the zip that allowed the habit to drop to the floor. Jim almost fell off the bed as he saw her standing there. She looked hot and she knew it. Sarah liked the feeling of the first time her client saw her either naked or, as she preferred, in sexy lingerie. It was a common misconception that lingerie was just for a guy’s enjoyment but that wasn’t true. At least it wasn’t in Sarah’s case. She loved the way it felt against her skin and it made her feel as sexy as hell.


“Do you like what you see? Is this what you imagined a nun wears under her habit?”


Jim fell to the floor and began to kiss her thighs above her stocking tops as his hands slipped over her arse and began to squeeze.


“Oh Mr Flowers” said Sarah huskily feeling herself becoming turned on.


His tongue was now working its way over towards her pussy which was becoming wet with anticipation and Sarah gasped and pushed her pelvis forwards as she felt his tongue brush over her clit through the silky material of her all in one. Holding his hands she pulled him up and led him towards the bed and pushing him down onto it, she began to crawl up his torso, looking directly into his eyes. Slowly she began to undo his belt and simply pulled it off. She unzipped his flies and his hard cock sprang out from its confines and immediately into her mouth. Sarah liked to suck cock, it was one of her favourite things to do and it always made her soaking wet.


Pulling back the foreskin she ran her tongue up and down its shaft, planting little kisses as she went, which made Jim sigh. He was enjoying it but so was she.


“Is this what God would want you to do to a nun” Said Sarah “or would he be annoyed with you”


“Right now I really don’t care” he said.


Sucking him deep inside her mouth she began to pull his trousers down so she could caress his bollocks. Her throat had been well trained over the time she had done her job and she was able to easily suck him all the way down until her mouth was nestling in the short hair around the base of his prick. ‘He trims then’ she thought to herself.


“Stop stop stop” Jim said in an urgent voice pushing her head away “I don’t want to cum yet”


Sarah rolled away and began to play with herself, all the time looking at Jim as he stood and began to take his clothes off, leaving them in a pile where they dropped. Crawling back onto the bed he kissed her. This wasn’t something she would normally do as she felt that it was too personal but with him, it felt right. His fingers slipped easily inside as Sarah continued to rub her clit and she began to moan into his mouth as the fingers, the feeling and the kissing became more intense. Sarah orgasmed.


With a growl Jim rolled on top and his hard cock pushed gently into her wet pussy. Once he was fully in her he just stopped. She could feel it pulse inside her cunt and she loved the feeling as her pussy was wrapped around his cock and she could feel another orgasm approaching. Sarah began to push up against him. Jim took this as a sign to start fucking her. He started slowly but each stroke fully entering her and gradually began to increase the tempo so that his body was banging against hers with each thrust bringing Sarah closer to cumming with each thrust. He looked into her eyes and mouthed “I’m cumming”


Sarah felt his warm spunk as his cock exploded inside her which tipped her over the edge too. She held onto him as hard as she could as her body spasmed with pleasure underneath him. She seemed to orgasm for an eternity. She had never felt anything like this before and wanted to hold onto the feeling as long as possible.


Jim collapsed onto the bed beside her with tears in his eyes and held her tight to him.


“I am in more turmoil than I was before” he said “and now I have completely fucked my mind up by having sex with a nun”


Sarah looked at him and smiled. “I’m not actually a nun. This is a costume only”


Jim looked wide eyed at her. “You can still believe in God” said Sarah “and you can fuck me anytime you want!”


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