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The modern-day woman goes to great lengths in order to ensure that she looks her absolute best.  Scrubbing, rubbing, plucking, shaving and lots of other tedious and hour-long procedures need to be done on all visible parts of your body if you want to walk down the streets without looking frumpy.  But what about other parts of the body, parts that are not visible except to yourself and those you are most intimate with? Does the modern day woman give “those parts” just as 

much attention and insure that what lies between her legs is just as glamorous as the rest of her?  A couple of decades ago, the answer to that question would have probably been “no”, but nowadays, you would be surprised. As women have grown bolder and more independent, so has their sense of female sexuality, the result being that many women now give their vaginas just as glamorous a makeover as the rest of their bodies. Below, we’ve listed some of the more popular trends in vaginal pampering.

“Trimming the Hedges”


Up until a couple of decades ago, pubic hair was just another anatomical feature on the body of both males and females.  However, as the pornographic industry, with its bare naked genitalia, gained popularity, the shaving, epilation, and waxing of pubic hair became an “unspoken standard” among adults in general, and women in particular. Nowadays, the variety in the solutions that you can use to remove hair down there, are staggering.  Some you can do at home, like shaving and epilation. Others are better left in the careful care of trained hands of professionals, like waxing or laser removal. The longevity of such solutions also varies; there’s always a trade-off that needs to be done.  Taking hairs out by the roots usually makes it so that you remain smoother, for longer durations of time.  However, the solutions that take care out by the root such as epilation or waxing are usually time-consuming and tedious processes. On the other hand, shaving can leave you with a prickly sensation that can grow to be quite uncomfortable. It’s really a question of picking your poison; choosing either the greater suffrage early on for the sake of long-term smoothness, or a quick n’ dirty short-term solution (in the form of shaving) that’ll leave you fidgeting with prickly discomfort.


“Matching the Carpet with the Curtains”


Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with genes that had the common decency of using the same colour palette for all of the hair on our body.  This can make for somewhat confusing and uncomfortable “grand revelations”.  It catches a lot of people off guard when their partners’ pubic hair is not the same colour as the hair on their heads, especially if there is a drastic difference in the colour between the two. Thankfully, nowadays, there are personal dyeing kits that you can use at home to bring some well-needed coordination between your carpet and your drapes. Sniff them out at cosmetic stores, salons, and some of the larger department stores.  Usually, these kits will be rather discrete, so you do not have to worry about eyebrows being raised at the checkout.

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