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Hen party, Hen weekends, Hen nights & Hen do’s...

It's new, it's hot, and it's without a doubt the most fun you can have without actually having sex. 

Hen weekends can be the most entertaining part of the marriage traditions. For the wife-to-be, it’s an ideal opportunity for her to either unwind with her close friends or alternatively, release some steam.


If you’re the hen night organiser, you’ll be responsible for putting on the show of a lifetime and arranging a memorable experience, filled with glamour and entertaining surprises that’ll keep everybody smiling. 

No pressure there then.


Don’t panic because help is at hand. Our hen night service is proving to be an extremely popular and imaginative addition to your pre-wedding celebrations. We take great pride in aiding you to design your hen party with originality and creativity.


The obligatory male stripper has become so 2000-and-lame. Many soon–to-be brides are snubbing the pre wedding custom of watching a phony fireman undressing, in preference to being surrounded by candlelight and soft music, while being given the most sensual naked massage by the expert hands of a very handsome young man. 

A great activity to schedule before the big night out. What better way to start an unforgettable occasion? 

How to be sexy

Pursuing sexual happiness

The cost of having a vagina

The art of mouth to mouth

Let us give your day a happy ending!

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