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20 ways to tease your lover...

You think you know what you want in the bedroom, but do you know what your partner wants? Teasing your partner can be extremely seductive, and delving into his mind may even lead you to a new understanding of the awesome power of the brain; the most sexual organ you poses. Adding a little bit of fun, a little friction, a little of the unexpected into things can make the difference between good sex and great sex.

Just for fun, we’ve compiled these 20 questions to open a window on your lovers’ darkest, deepest, sexual secrets…Have fun!


  • What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you’ve had?

  • What should a guy/girl do to make me wet?

  • Do you like giving or receiving oral, or both?

  • What is your favourite time of day to make love? 

  • Where do you think is the sexiest place to make love? 

  • Have you ever thought about someone, other than me during sex? 

  • What was the most unexpected sexual experience you've ever had?

  • What turns you on most about me?

  • Do you ever try on my underwear? 

  • What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever done? 

  • What’s your sexiest article of clothing?

  • What’s your favourite place to be kissed?

  • Do you ever want to do something really wild?

  • What’s your idea of good foreplay?

  • What’s your favourite part of a woman’s/man’s body? 

  • Do you think you’re a good kisser?

  • Where do you like to be touched most?

  • What is your fantasy and do you want to make it come true? 

  • What’s the sexiest outfit you have ever seen a woman wear? 

  • If you could be anywhere, where would it be?


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