The art of mouth to mouth

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Imagine pressing your lips into a soft, juicy peach and as your lips press against its flesh, the sweet juices drip down your chin. That’s what eating a pussy should feel like. Nothing feels better than a wet, juicy pussy just aching to be touched and sucked. I know, this isn’t always the case but that’s because the mind; being the largest sexual organ we posses, has been neglected in preference to the vagina and other sexual parts of the body. Arousing the mind can be far more difficult than

arousing the body, but when you achieve it, you reap the benefits in buckets.

Before, even contemplating going anywhere near her vagina, go to her other lips and kiss her passionately. Kissing can be a real turn on before sex, we sometimes forget.


As you work your way down her body still kissing her, make sure you have a good mouthful of saliva. When you finally arrive at her pussy, gently clamp your mouth over her whole snatch and with your tongue fully salivated, lick her pussy without unclamping your lips against hers. The feeling of your saliva mixing with her juices, your mouth clamped around her pussy and your tongue licking her clitoris, will drive her absolutely wild. Be careful because you don’t want her coming too quickly, so get ready to stop and give her a break for a few seconds, before moving on to your next technique.


Now, move your head 90 degrees so your lips are lined up with hers, and cup your mouth over her clitoris. Gently suck her clitoris into your mouth and cover the clit with your saliva, still gently sucking it. If she has her eyes closed at this point, she will not know what you are doing, as she would have never felt this sensation before. Do this for about five seconds, then release her clitoris and take your mouth off her pussy and just gently breath on her clit. Make sure you’re not touching her pussy at all. Repeat this a few times. Every time you repeat this, she will be even more aroused than previously.


By now, she’ll be gasping to feel something inside her. So, turn your head to face her pussy again and clamp your mouth over her whole pussy again, covering as much as you can manage in your mouth, but this time, while your sucking and licking at her pussy, insert one finger into the opening of her vagina and circle your finger around the opening, making sure not to insert it all the way in. Then use two fingers, but do not insert them all the way yet. When you feel her pushing against your fingers, as if to try to get them in her, that’s when you slowly push them all the way in. Once inside, she will not be able to hold her orgasm back any longer. Turn your fingers inside her, brushing against her G spot as you turn. That’s it, at this point; she’ll be gushing in your mouth. Her whole body will convulse with pleasure and your work will be done!


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