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Your therapist will first set the scene with candles and incense, recreating the spa experience in your residence or hotel. The lighting set low and the mood music set to pure relaxation. He will then leave the room to prepare himself to give you the ultimate mind shattering experience. 


On his return he will ease you into a world of tranquility before proceeding with the most intensely blissful, self indulgent, stress relieving full body massage. This can be undertaken partially clothed or nude, the choice is yours. Your therapist will then lay you faced down. Warm massage oil will caress you, and the intimate journey of sensual spiritual discovery begins. Beginning with your feet, slowly working up to your mind, body and soul. Every part of your body will be aroused, his hands constantly maintaining the connection between you. Using our very own blended, hypoallergenic, non staining, unscented, body oil, he will give you the most relaxingly euphoric full body massage, designed to mix stimulation with relaxation.


Your therapist then turns you over. He travels down your body with slow, smooth movements, elevating you into the realm of spiritual liberation. Providing complete sensory surrender and intimate indulgence, bestowing you with the attention you so thoroughly deserve. All this, is complimented by a flawless service offering the most professional and classy massage you could ever hope to get.



This is an outcall service available to you in your hotel room or residential address within the M25. Please call for prices outside the M25.


For more information on our services please visit our FAQ page.

Our services are highly sophisticated, sensory experiences and should not be taken as an invitation for sex.

The cost of being a woman

Pursuing happiness

Body language & how to use it

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Let us give your day a happy ending!

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Outcall service available in London within the M25

7 days a week 2.00pm - 2.00am

Tel +44 (0) 7551 822 433

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