The cost of having a vagina

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Given that women spend a great deal of time and money on beauty products and treatments, we sometimes overlook the everyday expense of owning our much-loved vajayjays. 

When you sit and think about it, it’s rather surprising how much we have overlooked this little realised fact. After all, good equipment never comes cheap.


  • So lets start with the basics; a woman will use 11,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime. Wow, that’s a lot of cotton, and tampons and pads are a necessity. Imagine if we free-flowed, ok, don’t imagine that.


  • Because a woman wipes herself after urinating, women are estimated to use at least two rolls of toilet paper a week-alone. That’s twice as much as men.

  • Pubic hair removal is another consideration. Partial or total waxing, although not a necessity, is somewhat desirable for most women these days. The average woman waxes every six weeks at an average cost of £40 per session.


  • Over the counter medication for yeast infections are another expense for women suffering from infections such as ‘thrush’. But if you don’t happen to be bleeding, buying remedies, urinating or waxing and you feel in the mood to have sex, odds are, that will cost you too. Condoms - Never rely on a man with a boner to have your best interests at heart. Condoms play an important role in a woman’s sexual health, so keep them close at hand.

  • A woman’s period involves more than just bleeding, but also cramping, bloating, headaches and irritability. About 85% of women deal with the physical symptoms of PMS with an over the counter remedy.

  • “Feminine itching” is a very real problem for some women. Unlike men, who think little of readjusting their marbles mid conversation, it’s unlikely for a woman to delve down under to relieve her itching. Anti-itch creams like ‘Vagisil’ are a socially acceptable way for women to handle this problem.


  • And finally, vaginal rejuvenation or VR is a surgical procedure, intended to improve your sex life and self-esteem. It constricts the vaginal cavity, strengthening the area between the vagina and the anus. After the trauma of multiple childbirths and the onset of old age, women sometimes feel the need to get things back how to they were previously.  Nowadays, labia corrective surgery is becoming more accepted. Also known as a ‘Designer vagina’. This somewhat drastic surgery will set you back between £4000-£8000 depending on how much work you have done.

    So there you have it: the cost of having a vagina. When you consider the amount of money, potions and procedures we spend on our vaginas, I think they fully deserve to be loved, treasured and adored by all.

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