What do women look for in love?

This is an age old question and if I could come up with a definitive answer I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams. I think the closest thing that I could come up with is a list of words. Contentment, excitement, satisfaction, safety and fulfilment.


You could compare this very easily to how a woman engages in an intimate professional service, such as a London erotic massage. If we go through each word in turn I will explain how the analogy fits:



Yoni massage London wide is massively popular because it offers women contentment, they know that by engaging in the tantric massage service of a trained and time served professional, they will be leaving the experience content that they have had value for money and enjoyed the experience. When compared to love, this is about how a woman would be happy. This allows a woman to be content and not always on the look out for something more.



A London erotic massage offers the recipient a fabulous and exciting service that can be something deeper and different every time. No two tantric massage services will be the same and this offers that spark that women crave.  In terms of love, excitement would be an unexpected date, thrilling and unexpected sex or something that felt edgy.


Satisfaction is very similar to contentment, but rather than being an over all feeling, satisfaction relates to the end result of an action. So a yoni massage London gives an outcome that the woman feels an intense satisfaction from, adding to her overall contentment. The contentment comes from knowing that the London erotic massage is available for satisfaction. Complicated I know, but we are dealing with women’s emotions. In terms of a relationship, satisfaction can come form sex, a good meal or even quality time shared.



In order for someone to commit to a tantric massage service they need to feel safe.  Safe in the environment, safe with the masseur and safe with the activity that takes place. Very simple to translate to love. Women need a partner that makes them feel safe, provides them with a safe environment, and I am sure you can work out the rest.



Women need fulfilment in a number of ways.  In terms of a yoni massage London; the fulfilment is both sexual and spiritual. An intense orgasm and a feeling of well-being are the fulfilment that comes from a London erotic massage. In terms of a relationship, fulfilment can be sexual, material, around children, work related or even just about having a partner to share life with.


I hope that has gone some way to help explain what is a very deep and complex subject.


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