10 lies men tell before sex

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We’ve all been there. Men will go to great lengths to have sex, especially when she’s as gorgeous as you. The average man lies about something up to six times a day, that’s twice as often as women. And they’re hardly slick about it. Here’s a list of ten of the best.



1. “I just want a cuddle”


2. “Let’s just get undressed. I don’t want sex, I just love the feeling of your skin touching mine”


3. “I'll  just put the tip in, I promise”


4. “I’ve never touched breast implants before. Can I just see how they feel?”


5. “Can I sleep in your bed tonight? I promise I won’t try to have sex with you”


6. “I never have sex on the first date, but you make me feel so horny”


7. “Let me give your shoulders a rub. It’s easier if you take your top off”


8. “I’ll just put it in once and then take it out”


9. “I just want to taste you. You don’t have to repay the favour”


10. “Let’s go and watch TV in the bedroom”



Have you heard a more pathetic lie than those above? 

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10 things you didn't know about your vagina

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