Chic to Chic massage (Body 2 Body)

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A revolution in full ‘Body to Body’ yoni massage. Using his body as well as his hands, your therapist will complement our signature massage with the most sublime form of manipulation. This is our ultimate yoni massage, designed for those that need to feel the power of control over a man at your mercy. Body glide into seventh heaven with pure unadulterated pleasure.

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Please note; all your boundaries will be respected.


All our massages include a Yoni massage or Lingam massage.

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  • 1 Hour      £350

  • 1.5 Hours  £400
  • 2 Hours     £450
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This massage has been rated as ‘Hot’. Total satisfaction of the senses is guaranteed with this, our most gratifying service we offer. Tending to stimulate sensual desire with the expert use of the whole body to arouse your appetite. If you’re especially responsive to sensual stimulation and crave to feel another body close to yours…watch out! This is hot.

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Let us give your day a happy ending!

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Outcall service and Hen Nights available in London within the M25

7 days a week 2.00pm - 2.00am

Tel +44 (0) 7551 822 433

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