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This is our classic essence of Tantra Yoni massage. A mind-blowing introduction into the world of pure bliss and rapturous ecstasy, using only the purest unscented hypoallergenic oils. Lie back and let the professionals do all the hard work to sensually soothe and relax. Leaving you feeling lighter and ready to face anything.

This is a perfect experience given as a loving gift for a friend or partner, as well as a delightful, indulgent treat just for you. See more massages >>>

All our massages include a Yoni massage or Lingam massage.

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  • 1 Hour      £500

  • 1.5 Hours  £590
  • 2 Hours     £POA
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This massage has been rated as ‘Mild’. Our most moderate in intensity but still satisfying in character with a warm and pleasing affect on your senses. Ideal if you just want to feel adored and pampered. The only sensual pleasure without vice.

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Let us give your day a happy ending!

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