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None of us like to be labelled perverts, so trying new things in the bedroom can sometimes be tricky. We can all get a little bored with our bedroom antics at times, and we all have fantasies that we wouldn’t necessarily share with our friends or partners, for danger of what they may think of us. What you consider ‘weird’, another may consider perfectly mundane. There’s no pleasing everyone, so don’t be shy to express your sexual peccadillos.

To get you enthused, we’ve listed some of our favourite corruptions. If like me, you have a dirty, sexy mind, use it, and use it well. Unleash the devil in you. 

  • Film yourselves – You should only do this with someone you really trust. Always make sure your partner is in full agreement. These days it’s easy to shoot some video on a camera phone. Seeing yourself in action can be very arousing. This can be a great aid later on, if you need some help to get your juices flowing.

  • Light bondage – The power game. I tie you up, I’m in control. You tie me up, you’re in control. Being tied up is erotic because you are at their mercy. They can do whatever they want to you, and you have to take it (within reason), keep it light. You can use sheets or underwear as rope, you don’t need fancy cuffs or ropes. Just remember to have a safe word in case things go too far.

  • Outdoor sex - Outdoor sex or public sex, can be a tremendous turn on for some, but be careful; onlookers may not be as enthusiastic about seeing you reach seventh heaven as you are. Wear clothes that are easily accessible, and preferably no underwear. I find the thought of being seen or found out, utterly tantalizing.

  • Dressing up – A pure world of fantasy, and I don’t mean your sexiest little G-string. I’m referring to nurse’s uniforms and maid outfits. This may seem a little silly at first, but be assured, you’ll enter a world of fantasy you never knew existed.

  • Anal sex – The taboo may have been lifted in recent years, but not everyone has tried it, or at least tried it and liked it. Lots of lube is king here, you can never have enough lube when it comes to making anal sex more pleasurable, and it can be very pleasurable. The anal area has many more nerve endings than the vagina and you can have very powerful anal orgasms. Take it slowly, and make sure you are fully relaxed and feeling extremely aroused and lubed beforehand.


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