Double Entendre massage (Also available for couples)

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As the Signature massage, but twice as nice. Feel amazing with two tantric masseurs simultaneously caressing your whole body from tip to toe. Not for the faint hearted! Release the goddess within you with four hands worshiping your body. A journey into paradise, the ultimate yoni massage never experienced before. If booked as a couples massage, you will recieve one female and one male masseur each. See more massages >>>



As they say; try everything once, twice if you like it, three times to make sure.


All our massages include a Yoni massage or Lingham massage.       

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  • 1 Hour      £700

  • 1.5 Hours  £800
  • 2 Hours     £990
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This massage has been rated as ‘Mild to Hot’. For those couples that feel secure in their relationship and want to introduce a new connection to satisfy their sensual appetites and passions. This massage is typically performed by a male and female therapist. A great way to fulfil your fantasies and desires with each other. The strength of sensual intensity will depend on your particular requirements. It’s your call; it can be as hot or as mild as you dare to go.

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We are a couple from Miami, USA visiting London for the first time, celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary touring Europe. While in Paris, speaking to another couple of a similar age to us, they told my husband and I, about a unique tantric massage service in London which they had used to celebrate their anniversary. I had in the past heard of a similar service available in New York and had always found the idea interesting. So when we heard that this facility was available in London, I thought we would give it a try, as London was our next stop, and we were looking for something special to do while visiting your great city.


I came across your website after a quick search on Google for ‘couples massage London’ and boy am I glad I did? The customer service and attention to detail was outstanding, not something you Brits are famous for, unfortunately.


After some very helpful advice and communication from yourselves, I felt assured and confident that we were getting exactly the service we were looking for.


The masseurs arrived at precisely the time arranged. He was dressed in what looked like a Versace suit, and all tanned and gorgeous, looking like he’d just stepped out of a glossy magazine. She looked classy, sophisticated and very attractive, with her long blonde hair, dressed in a very expensive looking black, tightly fitting Chanel type dress, also a model type. We had a quick chat and discussed our requirements and expectations. I was slightly nervous about the yoni massage, but they soon made us both feel reassured and relaxed before they started to set the mood in the room with candles, scents and very cool music.


Before we knew it, we were both lying beside each other and enjoying an experience I can only describe as euphoric, almost like floating in mid air and feeling horny as hell. Like an out of body experience. The feeling of being turned on by seeing your husband aroused by another woman while being aroused yourself by the hands of another man, is mind blowing. It really has spiced things up for us in the bedroom. I’m getting aroused just thinking about it now. I never thought a tantric massage in London could be so life changing.


My only complaint is that I want to repeat our experience, but I have to wait for our next visit to Europe to enjoy another outcall massage in London. You really should think about setting this service up globally, or at least in most major cities. I can’t recommend it enough! It was worth every British penny. This experience will remain with us for many years to come. We both thank you very much.

Let us give your day a happy ending!

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