Warm and Delicious massage (candle wax massage)

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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. This is the ultimate sensual tantric massage, performed using warm, lightly scented wax in the form of a cosmetic grade massage oil candle. The candle liquefies into a wonderful pool of sumptuous massage lubricant when lit. The silky-smooth formula is specifically designed to nurture and moisturise the skin with slow-releasing vitamin E, while the delicate fragrance excites the senses anticipating the indulgences in store.

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All our massages include a Yoni massage or Lingham massage.

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  • 1 Hour      £390

  • 1.5 Hours  £450
  • 2 Hours     £500
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This massage has been rated as ‘Hot’. Perfect for those cold winter evenings to warm the cockles of your heart, sensually exciting and gratifying. The warm candle wax seems to hug you from within and release those deep hidden desires and sensual pleasures. Cosy, snug, inviting and best of all, hot!

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