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Choosing any service on the web can be problematic, but if you’re a woman and you want to choose a safe yoni massage service, it can be impossible. If you’ve already spent time looking before coming across us, you’ll have noticed that the only services available to you tend to be individual creepy men, who are only interested in getting their rocks off, or tantric massage websites that are set up primarily for males, but also advertise, yoni massage for females. These websites, despite their rhetoric, very rarely attract female clients, and subsequently know very little about yoni massage. Many of these websites are also just a ‘frontage’ for escort agencies. This usually means that none of their masseurs are qualified or checked in any way. This can be very unsafe for women, not to mention a waste of your money.



Unlike many other tantric massage agencies, all our masseurs at Massage Her are fully ITEC qualified in at least Swedish massage and BABTAC registered. We also do a thorough background check and all our therapists are CRB checked. We take your safety and security very seriously. It’s vital to us, that you feel you can trust us. We promise to deliver the highest quality of service available in London. Your therapist will be the most handsome, charming, safest, qualified yoni masseur available to you, only from Massage Her.



If you are still unsure about booking one of our masseurs, and are nervous about what he may look or act like, you can book a 15-minute consultation appointment to meet your therapist at a venue of your choice, up to 24 hours before your booking date, For Free! That’s how sure we are that you will be enchanted with your encounter, and you’ll look forward to your treatment, assured and relaxed. Find out more >>


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Let us give your day a happy ending!

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Outcall service and Hen Nights available in London within the M25

7 days a week 2.00pm - 2.00am

Tel +44 (0) 7551 822 433

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